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Transforming culture, one person at a time.

Our workshops and coaching programs are specifically tailored to build resilience, unleash creativity, and increase productivity so teams can thrive. We partner with companies to go beyond a short term fix and create cultural and leadership transformation.

Our approach and programs address the underlying causes of low employee engagement, lagging productivity, and skyrocketing stress in the workplace. By going directly and gently to the deeper, underlying causes of organizational dysfunction, Awakening Wisdom offers real, lasting transformation beginning at the personal level. Our webinars, workshops, and coaching engagements awaken individuals to their inner wisdom and the power of creative thought.

We guide visionary leaders to step into their authentic power and empower their people. This is not about power over another, rather it is about interconnected autonomy and developing mutually beneficial relationships. Leaders learn to share power in a way that amplifies everyone’s ability to get stuff done and enjoy the process.

Workshops & Webinars - online and in person

Making Wise Business Decisions in Times of Uncertainty

As complexity and uncertainty escalate, this practical workshop shows how to quiet the unhelpful brain chatter to access your best decision making. Strategic insight is always available and this workshop shows you how to access creative thinking and strategic insight. Learn to use strategic insights to creatively solve problems, make wise decisions, and see problems in a fresh light.

Empowering Leadership - empowering your people to achieve brilliant results

Develop a foundational understanding of state-of-mind and its direct impact on our ability to listen, connect, influence, and inspire. Take responsibility for your mindset and see how the power of thought can be harnessed for effective leadership or can be mis-used to limit impact and results.

Increase Productivity without Stress

You cannot have innovation or productivity without well-being. By educating and empowering people, you can build a culture where people love to work. Unlock a hidden variable to help your people become more productive without burn-out.

Communicating for Effective Collaboration

Teams are social systems, and social systems require communication to function effectively. In this workshop we explore and practice the qualities of effective communication to boost your team’s creativity and productivity. We know that communication is a two way street and requires deep, empathic listening, as well as, clear and responsible speaking. Not only will this allow for more effective collaboration, good communication will flow easily into all aspects of your organization, including evaluation, marketing and hiring.

Trust Agreements for Thriving Teams

At the heart of any thriving team is trust. When people feel a sense of belonging and psychological safety, they are free to unleash their creative ideas without fear. Introverts begin to speak up and extroverts begin to make space to let it all happen. Instead of any unwritten rules, we bring co-created agreements into the open to benefit everyone in your organization at every level. In this workshop we help your team to develop specific, actionable and sustainable trust agreements to create a thriving culture.

Leadership Coaching

Individual and Group coaching unleashes the creativity, resilience, and well-being of teams and team members. We invest our time together learning how Mindset, Creativity, and Awareness work together. Lasting empowerment comes from a shift in awareness. Once your team members see where their power and creativity come from, they cannot un-see it. Positive personal transformation becomes lasting change.

Whole Culture Transformation

Starting with a powerful organizational assessment, we identify the strengths of the organization and areas where the culture, systems, and interpersonal relationships can be improved. From this initial discovery phase, we design workshops and coaching programs to strengthen the organization.

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