Our Approach


Transforming school culture, one person at a time.

Every facet of Awakening Wisdom is an intentional step in the journey toward school transformation, just as every member of the learning community is integral to forming a thriving school culture. While we offer different ways to engage in our services in this journey, there is a unifying thread woven throughout, as represented by our Whole School Transformation Map.

Whether you are with us for one Professional Development Workshop, a longer look in our 8-week course, Foundations of Awakening Wisdom, or engage in the year-long Whole School Transformation Program, vital steps along our journey of school culture transformation include:

  • Visioning to assess where we are and where we want to go,
  • Creating safe environments to collaborate effectively along our charted path,
  • Understanding the profound power of our habits of mind to unleash our inner wisdom and build empathy toward others,
  • Examining and re-designing school and classroom policies and practices to achieve our shared vision of success.

the awakening wisdom journey: whole school transformation in four steps

AW journey

1: Find Your North Star

What kind of person creates a better world?

A sound journey begins with visioning and imagining. Where are we now, and where do we want to be? These simple yet profound questions guide you through a process of self-realization and school awareness as, together, we build a personalized road map and begin the journey toward Find Your North Star .

2: Create Healthy Learning Environments

What does culture look and feel like where people thrive?

The best learning requires individuals to feel trust and belonging, and so charting off toward a shared destination requires us to focus on Create Healthy Learning Environments. When every member of the community is safe and comfortable to express themselves without fear and shame, ideas flourish and seeds become rooted in fertile soil.

3: Teach Who You Are

How can shifting your habits of mind transform your classroom?

Emotional safety provides the space to dig deep and explore our own individual habits of mind so we can be at our best and collaborate effectively. At Awakening Wisdom, we believe in the foundation of Teach Who You Are. Since all we do is shaped by our beliefs and mindsets, these hidden biases become part of what we teach our students — whether intended or not. Awakening Wisdom empowers educators to be aware of their mindsets and what they may be implicitly teaching through well-intentioned but ineffective practices.

4: Sync Systems

How can you design coherent policies and practices to achieve your North Star ?

At this point in the journey, it’s time to take stock and look at our initial questions – where are we now, and where do we want to be? It is important to realize transformation is a continuing cycle. With confidence growing in our own personal and collective wisdom it is now time to co-create school-wide and classroom policies and procedures infused with the very values we’ve been sharing. Sync Systems assures each policy is aligned with the intention of achieving our North Star.