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4: Sync Systems

How can you design coherent policies and practices to achieve your North Star?

North Star Guides for Policies

In what ways can you revise your school’s policies to achieve the profile of the desired student?

Whether deciding on a new math curriculum, planning a graduation ceremony, or hiring a new art teacher, every school decision should be made with these questions in mind: How does this decision impact the well being of students and teachers? How will it help us reach our North Star? Awakening Wisdom helps leadership look critically at the school’s policies and practices to revise them so that each more effectively supports the qualities they desire in their students.

Student Empowerment Strategies

What strategies will help you increase student engagement?

Understanding the fundamental social and emotional needs of human beings drives the design of strategies that increase student engagement and capacity to learn. What fulfills the need for trust and belonging? What practices build students’ self-esteem? When these needs are met, students are cooperative, grounded in their authentic selves, and curious to learn. Awakening Wisdom strategies will help teachers increase the engagement of students in academics and in contributing to the culture of the school.

Constructive Conflict

How can you use conflict creatively for healthy learning?

While conflict can be uncomfortable, it also has enormous power to teach. Conflict is an opportunity to listen to multiple points of view, learn about the other, and learn from each other for a better and sustainable resolution to a conflict. Awakening Wisdom’s Clearing Process, grounded in honest self expression and empathic listening, is a pathway toward constructive conflict, releasing productive energy for culture change.

Discipline with Dignity

How can you design discipline to teach essential Social Emotional habits?

Discipline systems send many implicit messages to students that can either be an opportunity for growth or be an experience of discouragement. Awakening Wisdom’s Agreement System is a way for students to learn the social emotional competencies – responsible decision making, emotional awareness, effective relationships, self-regulation- that are the foundation for success and lifelong learning.