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3: Teach Who You Are

How can shifting your habits of mind transform your classroom and your school?

The Power of Thinking

How do your thoughts affect how you experience teaching and learning?

Training with Awakening Wisdom provides deep dives into how we process thoughts and emotions. When these pathways are better understood, teachers can begin to see how common student behaviors arise and how those behaviors make us feel and react. Exploring specific examples of classroom scenarios, Awakening Wisdom guides participants to realize the unintended consequences of thinking habits and classroom management systems.

Shifting Habits of Mind

How can shifting your mindsets bring about thriving change for your classroom and school?

Healthy habits of mind are a cornerstone of the success of Awakening Wisdom. Once we have a strong foundation on how our thinking shapes our experiences, Awakening Wisdom provides opportunities to carefully dig deeper into common mindsets about teaching and learning. We then learn and practice specific strategies to shift mindsets, leaving bad habits behind and nurturing new, positive ones.

Mindful Modeling

How can practicing individual responsibility in thoughts, words, and actions empower everyone?

As teachers become more comfortable with change and their mind shifts, their inner power grows. The next step involves putting all the learning into action. Awakening Wisdom guides teachers toward the use of responsible language and respectful techniques for common classroom scenarios, where students are supported in learning from their mistakes. Teachers modeling the behaviors desired of students is more effective than scripted lessons and leads to a thriving learning environment.

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