Our Approach

AW journey

1: Find Your North Star

What kind of person creates a better world?

School Climate Assessment

What are your school’s biggest strengths and opportunities to grow?

It can be challenging to fix what you don’t yet understand. It is not uncommon to have a sense that things in your classroom or school are “off” but not quite what the underlying issues are. Awakening Wisdom’s Comprehensive School Climate Assessment uses feedback from all members of your school community to identify your school’s specific strengths, needs, and opportunities for growth. With a high correlation to academic achievement, this validated assessment tool augmented with the focus groups conversations are based on what human beings need to thrive.

Profile of the Desired Student

What qualities do you hope to foster in your students for a better world?

Perhaps more than any other profession, we as educators shape the people who fill the world. This is an amazing responsibility and one that should be assumed very intentionally. What are the core qualities we seek to foster in people? Empowerment? Independence? Compassion? We believe that schools and the people in them must be driven by a shared vision of who they’d like their students to be — not just what they’ll know. Awakening Wisdom guides schools through shared vision and priority setting. This shared vision – or profile of the student – serves as a ruler against which to measure you and your school’s own practices and behaviors.

Roadmap For Your School

Which Awakening Wisdom offerings will help you achieve your North Star?

What is the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be? Awakening Wisdom trainers will provide tailored recommendations and course offerings based on your school assessment and desired profile. We will work with you to co-create a training plan that meets you where you’re at, suits your needs, and matches your budget.

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