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For Parents

Awakening Wisdom’s mission is to help schools and parents nurture responsible, respectful, responsive and resourceful students to create a better world for all. A crucial element to our work is the home-school partnership. We help schools invite parents to be partners in this mission by building authentic relationships and communication pathways. When students experience the deep cultural aspects of our practices at home as well as in school, their maturation is more fully nurtured.

Parent Education Workshops

Awakening Wisdom Parenting Classes are designed to nurture children to become resilient, compassionate, and responsible human beings. The basic parenting class is comprised of four 90 minute sessions:

  • Raising Children to Become Resilient Adults
  • Empowering Children through Empathic Listening and Family Meetings
  • Discipline with Dignity: Creating Agreements for Cooperative Living
  • Shifting Mindsets to Overcome Parenting Roadblocks

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