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Awakening Wisdom’s Whole School Transformation Program is our surest path to making impactful and lasting change for your school. The year-long program includes a series of professional development workshops that guide staff through a unique blend of visioning, SEL trainings, and co-creating agreements and systems to shape school culture. We work closely with you to fit into your school’s schedule to take advantage of built in opportunities for training, including in-service days, staff meetings and other staff collaboration times.

Step One

Whole School Transformation begins with a very important question: What are your school’s biggest strengths and opportunities to grow? Awakening Wisdom has partnered with the Alliance for the Study of School Climate to use their School Climate Assessment Inventory to take a baseline reading of the school’s climate and culture. We then use the assessment results to guide conversations in focus groups and targeted interviews with your school community to uncover the layers that constitute your school culture. We produce a clear and concise final report that not only sheds light on the current state of things, but also, more importantly, on the path forward.

The information learned from the assessment report and the visioning process allows us to co-create with you a comprehensive roadmap of success that includes ongoing training workshops, coaching, and co-creating specific systems throughout the school year.

Learn more about our overall Approach to Whole School Transformation here.

Step Two

Once we have a shared understanding of the intricacies of your school’s culture, it’s time to explore the very nature of culture and its profound impact on teaching and learning. This is accomplished in our Foundations of Awakening Wisdom training series. The Foundations Program for schools is generally accomplished in 4 full days of training completed during the summer. However, we are able to adapt our training schedule to meet your school’s needs, delivered in modules in 8 or 16 week packages. Some of the significant outcomes of Foundations for schools include:

  • Creating and sustaining Trust Agreements among staff to foster a thriving learning environment
  • A shared vision for the profile of the desired student
  • An understanding of the power of mindsets on our thinking and behavior
  • Strategies and practice in shifting mindsets to create positive habits of mind
  • Student empowerment strategies and the best conditions for learning
  • How to align a shared vision and values with school-wide and classroom policies and procedures

Learn more about Foundations of Awakening Wisdom here .

Step Three

At this point we are ready to dig deeper by applying the learnings from Foundations to explore your school’s current policies, procedures and systems. Depending on your school’s specific needs, the roadmap includes ongoing coaching and training to deepen the practice of shifting mindsets and co-creating systems that are in harmony with your staff’s shared vision of the desired profile of the student. Trainings are scheduled to fit into your school’s already planned development time, taking advantage of built-in professional development days, strategically coupled with targeted learning in staff meetings and other time set aside for staff development and training.

Find out more about individual Professional Development opportunities for your staff here .

Step Four

With Trust Agreements in place and a protocol to maintain them, as well as other new systems ready to employ, our coaching team supports you and your staff to begin implementation. Shifting mindsets and transforming culture is challenging work, and our experience informs us that maintaining trust in challenging times is a key to lasting growth. We support you through the challenges, helping you naturally learn from mistakes, celebrate successes and make the process authentic and truly iterative. Newfound confidence begins to unleash the true power of transformation, as you begin to see staff and students slowly become the desired profile we originally set out to achieve.

Of course, our process is as unique as your school. We understand each school has special needs, and so our team will work with you to customize the program for you and your learning community.

To learn more about how Whole School Transformation could work at your school, contact us here .