Members of the Board




“Amir Shafi is an Information Technology executive in Silicon Valley with 20+ years of experience. He’s the Chief Information Officer at Monster, Inc., managing global Information Technology and eCommerce departments. He designed and implemented end-to-end solution that helped global law enforcement agencies confiscate illegal and counterfeit shipments of Beats by Dre headphones. Recently, he has started a management consulting business helping organizations with brand protection services and custom solutions to block movement of counterfeit products into global markets. He has a proven track record of success providing end-to-end leadership and vision for leading technology in the consumer electronics industry.

Both of my children, Hibah and Hassan, graduated from River school and I have seen the impact the Ho`āla philosophy has had on them. I want to help expand this model and bring in innovation and technology––the tools of tomorrow to equip today’s youth with.”

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