Members of the Board




“Throughout my life and career, I have had leaders and people I admire comment on this indescribable quality or maturity that they have observed in my behaviour; whether it was in relation to how I have dealt with people or in difficult situations. When they ask where I learned those qualities, I used to shrug and say “That’s just what I’ve always done. We learned to do stuff like that in school.” Usually, there is a look of confusion and disbelief. This is the moment that constantly reminds me of how unique Ho`āla (known today as Awakening Wisdom) is and how it has fundamentally shaped my life both personally and professionally.”

“From your first day at school till the day you walk out of its doors, you are reminded that all of your actions have consequences. Through processes like clearings and classes like nurturing or connection you practice understanding and empathy. There is a realisation that there are multiple truths to each story depending on your perspective. Understanding these key principles and taking responsibility for your actions have profound positive effects on those around you. These are just a few reasons why I am passionate about helping the Ho`āla Foundation for Education spread its mission. In today’s world where kids are influenced by false idols and a culture with diminishing respect of self and others, I think that it is as imperative as ever to get this philosophy into more schools.”

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