Members of the Board




”There have been periods in my life when I felt just the right amount of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, which I used to take stock of my life, evaluate my options, and make strategic choices. These choices have transformed me and made subsequent decision making simple and fast. I live easily with my choices even though implementing them has been hard

Thus, I came to the U.S. from India as a 19-year old student by picking the least expensive universities in the U.S. and the ones with the lowest application fees; to the Napa Valley wine industry although I didn’t drink alcohol; and to the renewable energy industry without knowing, then, the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt hour.

I am married to Seena (to whom I got engaged after a 10-minute meeting). My daughters, Parvathi and Priyanka, are currently enrolled in River school.“

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