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Each day brings newfound insights into my awareness, for a moment quenching a thirst for understanding, only to give way to a greater openness to possibilities.  That’s what having children has done for me – made me realize I am an eternal child.  This is something that years of meditation, reading philosophy, going to church, and hashing it out with willing friends has been leading me toward.  And my children seem to be the Jedi masters atop the mountain calling out – what are you doing down there?!

Finding Awakening Wisdom has been much like this.  Although I only recently encountered the organization, the philosophies and ways of being resonated down deep, in a place of familiarity and calm.  It wasn’t much of a choice to ride the wave, yet a natural turn, and I’m delighted to support the effort to share the light.  In my own way, as an educator and non-profit social activist, my inner wisdom has been slowly awakening.  Stumbling upon Awakening Wisdom reaffirms and celebrates my experience of wu wei, an effortless flow into the current of life.

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