Members of the Board




“As a parent of a child who went through River School, I saw firsthand the Awakening Wisdom program and  Ho’āla philosophy through the actions of my daughter who gained confidence, self-reliance, and resilience in finding her passion and purpose. As a parent, I learned how to be an advocate and help my son find his voice in getting the support he needed both academically and emotionally in a more traditional school setting. Through my work with at-risk youth, my goals are to mentor them to stay in school, make good choices, and assist them with access to community services. I want to empower them to see the bigger picture, to be leaders for the next generation, and to steward kindness in making schools and communities more inclusive environments. I am always researching new multi-arena approaches to improving student emotional and social wellbeing.

Volunteering has been a way for me to create community opportunities for youth through teaching gardening skills, helping with service projects, advocating for social emotional wellness and promoting access to the arts. I believe every adult can make an indelible difference by mentoring a child and that mentoring can be life changing.”